Suggested Class Activities for Group I Balvikas class regarding Good Food and Right Habits of Eating

Activity 1

The Gurus can explain the various components of food like Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fibres, etc. Form children in groups and ask them to discuss the importance of each component, Collect pictures of different categories of food from old magazines, newspapers And make a food pyramid chart by sticking the pictures. Each group can concentrate on one category. Sample picture of a healthy vegetarian food pyramid and healthy habits is given below:

Activity 2 Gurus can collect pictures of healthy foods, junk foods, roadside foods. Each child to pick one picture a random, classify them under the right category and say why he/she thinks that food should be included or avoided depending on the picture chosen. As a sample exercise, in the box below are given pictures of both healthy and unhealthy foods. Pictures of two baskets named “healthy” and “unhealthy” are also given below. Children can be asked to pick up the pictures of foods and drop them into the right baskets

Activity 3 Gurus can assist, guide children in making fruit Salad in class. Discuss the benefit of each of the fruits while performing this activity. Also explain how when all fruits are mixed they taste delicious. Explain that God’s creation is beautiful and when all of us stay united and without hatred, the World will be a wonderful place to live. Gurus can teach the song “All things bright and beautiful” [LYRICS OF THE SONG GIVEN AT THE END OF DOCUMENT]

Dental Hygiene If possible, Gurus can invite a dentist or a dental college student to address the Group I children on dental hygiene, right way of brushing, dental flossing, gum-care etc.

See Good, Hear Good, Do Good Teach children the value song “Be Careful little eyes what you see” [LYRICS OF THE SONG GIVEN AT THE END OF DOCUMENT]

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