Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter XI

  • Last Days – Part I
  • Diagnosed with Clergyman’s Soar Throat
  • Under the care of Holy Mother at Shyampukur

Diagnosed with Clergyman’s Soar Throat

During the sultry months of the year 1885, Sri Ramakrishna suffered a great deal from the terrible heat. The suffering escalated also with the ice that he took every day that the devotees got him. The frequent use of ice produced a pain in the throat which was at first so trifling as to pass unnoticed. In a month, it aggravated that the disciples were alarmed and called in a specialist. Not with standing the prescription of various remedies, his condition did not show any sign of improvement. On days of the full and the new moon, the pain became acute that it was impossible for Sri Ramakrishna to eat solid food. The doctors diagnosed the disease as ‘Clergyman’s sore throat’.

Sri Ramakrishna carried out the doctors’ injunctions faithfully, except on two points, namely checking the divine ecstasies and giving rest to the vocal organs. As soon as he spoke of God, he lost all consciousness of the body and transcended into Samadhi. Nor would he stop speaking to people who, afflicted by the world, came to him for solace.

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