Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter XI

  • Last Days – Part III
  • I Have Given You My All
  • The Master’s Final Revelation
  • Maha-Samadhi

I Have Given You My All

In the meanwhile Sri Ramakrishna was sinking daily; his body was worn to a skeleton, and his diet was reduced to a minimum. All this grieved the devotees. They knew now that they were going to lose the great mainstay of their lives. When the pain was excruciating, Sri Ramakrishna would only whisper with a smile, “Let the body and its pain take care of each other, thou, my mind, be always in bliss!”

The devotees, however, begged him to ask the Divine Mother to make his body last; but he gazed at them tenderly and said, “How can I ask Her for anything when my will is entirely merged in Hers?” In spite of failing strength the Master continued his spiritual work.

About eight or nine days before his passing, Sri Ramakrishna asked one of his disciples, Yogin, to read to him from the Bengali almanac the dates from the twenty-fifth Shravana (9th August) onwards. Yogin read until he came to the last day (15th August) of the month. Sri Ramakrishna then made a sign that he did not want to hear any more.

Four or five days after this, Sri Ramakrishna called Narendra to his side. There was nobody else in the room. He made Narendra sit before him and gazing at him fell into Samadhi. Narendra felt a subtle force like an electric shock penetrating his body. Gradually he too lost outward consciousness. He did not remember how long he sat there. When he came to normal consciousness, he found Sri Ramakrishna in tears. The Master said to him, “Today I have given you all and have become a Fakir! Through this power you will do immense good to the world, and then only you shall go back”. In this way Sri Ramakrishna passed on his powers to Narendra; henceforth the Master and the disciple became one soul.

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