Matru Devo Bhava - Pitru Devo Bhava

A Role Play

Lord Shiva and consort Parvati in Mount Kailash.

Sage Narada arrives at Kailash.

Narada: Narayan, Narayan, salutations to you, Oh Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.
Lord Shiva: Narada, welcome to my abode! Well, what brings you here today?
Narada: Pardon me, Oh Lord but I have with me , a precious fruit brought from Vaikunta. I shall hand it over to Mother Parvati with a request that it may be given to a worthy person who is most intelligent and wise. That is my only wish.
Parvati: So be it, Narada, but to seek the most intelligent and wise person among the Devas is a task only My Lord can carry out. (Prostrates to Shiva )
Lord Shiva:So, be it Mother Parvati. Narada, you have come at the proper time. I wish to seek a leader for my thousand Ganas also. Someone who is proficiently and eminently suited.
Narada: Pray Lord Shiva, what are the qualifications you are looking for, in such a leader?
Lord Shiva: The Leader of the Ganas should possess great Buddhi or Intelligence. He should be highly auspicious and compassionate and possess a calm and benign nature most worthy of veneration by all.
Narada: Pardon me Lord, but I find only two persons worthy of such eminence and veneration.They are your own two sons, Gajanana and Subramanya, both most eminently suited to occupy the position of the Lord of the Ganas.
Lord Shiva:Yes, both seem to be worthy and intelligent. What have you to say Mother Parvati?
Parvati: Lord, I am indeed proud of Gajanana and Subramanya. They are both worthy of the highest and deepest veneration not only on earth, but also in the heavens. Everywhere in Bhooloka we hear nothing but praises and admiration from the mouths of the llen and the pious for both of them to me. They are both worthy of being the chief of the Ganas.
Lord Shiva: You are right dear,but I can have only one of them them appointed. There is no alternative but to submit both of them to a rigorous test &see who comes out as the winner. Dear Paravati, please send for our two sons. (Parvati goes and comes back with both of them. Both sons prostrate before their father and mother.)
Lord Shiva: Son Subramanya and son Gajanana, come to me. I have a task for you, which I want both of you to accomplish to the best of your ability. Whoever finishes first will receive this fruit as a gift from Narada as well as be appointed as the Lord of my thousands Ganas. Here is the test: I want you both to go around Bhooloka three times successively and come back. He who accomplishes the feat in the shortest possible time, will be declared the winner. I bless you both.
Subramanya:(bowing down) Dear father, the task you have set before us is no small one and indeed worthy of our greatest endeavour and effort. I shall take up this challenging task at once with help of my vahana, the peacock. I will swiftly fly around the bhooloka thrice successively and return in no time. Kindly bless me.(So Saying he sits on the peacock and flies off.) Gajanana is left alone on the stage (Gajanana seems to be in no hurry to sit on his mouse and proceed. He sits down and is busy eating Modakas. Seeing this, his parents Approach him)
Lord Shiva:Gajanana, why are you sitting here? Are you not keen to race with your brother?
Gajanana: Respected father and mother- I shall go around and circumambulation to both of you.(So saying he circumambulates both of them thrice) Oh, Mother and Father, the whole universe thrice? (Subramanya enters going towards Narada)
Gajanana: Brother, Narada, you are a wise and experienced person. Aren’t one’s father and mother truly worthy of one’s highest veneration They provided us with this body which is the temple of the Lord. The sacred precept “Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava” is not a mere statement to be recited like a parrot , but is an effulgent truth itself which should rank foremost in the life of a sincere sadhaka
Narada: Oh Gajanana, your buddhi is matchless. What
you have said is perfectly true. One’s parents are
truly worthy of our highest reverence and respect.
You are verily the goldmine of spiritual value and
wisdom perfect.
Gajanana:(approaching his parents once again) I have accomplished my task today by circumbulating both of you three times successively with my mind firmly fixed on your lotus feet in veneration
Lord shiva: Gajanana,arise. I am very pleased with your words as well as your actions. You have proved to me beyond doubt that the jnana Bhaskara is indeed in full bloom in your heart. Your spiritual knowledge is wide, deep and matchless. Your courage of conviction, clarity of thought and boldness of action marks you out as a hero of outstanding merit and abilities. By your actions you have accomplished my task with the greatest forethought and Viveka. From this moment, I appoint you commander-in chief of all my thousand Ganans and name you Ganapathy or Ganesha, the Lord of Ganas and here is the fruit from Vaikunta.
All: Hail Ganesha! Hail Ganapathy! (The Ganas and Subramanya also join.)
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