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Vedam – Tutor 2- mr

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The Vedas are the most ancient among the world’s scriptures. They are a vast storehouse of wisdom. They enable man to have an overview of the universe. There are no criteria required for learning the Vedas. They are universal. It is widely known that chanting the Vedas with the correct intonations can improve focus and sharpen the brain. Chanting Vedas brings about mental peace and calmness in our lives. We are able to stay level-headed and think better without taking hasty decisions. It is a real blessing that the students are able to learn these at a very young age in Balvikas classes.

The Vedam portions for group 2 include Neela suktam, Durga suktam, Purusha suktam and Mantra pushpam. The Vedas should be taught along with their meanings for the students to understand them completely.