Narayan Seva

Feeding the hungry is an ideal that has been emphasised in the scriptures and demonstrated by Avatars and saints.

Offering food first to God with gratitude, sharing what we eat with those present around us, and ensuring that no one goes hungry is among the utmost values that is woven in the Indian culture.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba took this to youngsters by involving them in the massive Narayana Seva He organised every year at Puttaparthi.
It is a way of practicing the Brahmarpanam shloka that children learn in Balvikas.

Children take part in Narayana Sevas organised by local samithis. They can also practice it at home as individuals, or form their own groups and do Narayana Seva too.

What is unique about the Narayana Seva started by Bhagawan is to feed the hungry with healthy food. Children share their own food and not the throw away and wasted food items.

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