Five Elements of Nature

  • Introduction
  • Space
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth

Guided visualization with five elements of Nature

The five basic elements – Space, Water, Air, Fire & Earth from which life has emerged – have all been objects of worship forming an integral part of Indian tradition. The elements are believed to be protectors of Indian Jeevan tatva (Life). But they can protect and bless us only if we give them due respect.

“God created the five elements.
Space, air, fire, water and earth,
We are made of the same elements
As is Mother Nature.
And so is every creature”.

Baba says that balance in life and balance in nature, both are important and inter related. When this balance is established, there will be peace in the world.

Ceiling on Desires should be place on the consumption of the five resources. Resources in nature have inner peace, harmony and beauty in them.

Guided visualization is one form of meditation, which is used for children of pre-primary and primary classes. The teacher may show an object or the picture and guide the children to imagine by focusing inward. This is also known as “conducted tour” or “silent sitting” of the thoughts of children by making them think, showing a picture or imagination. This spectrum of imagination could include all such things but children love and admire. For example, space, clouds, beautiful flower, green mountain, calm ocean, sunrise, moonrise, dusk, garden, forest, park, river etc., However the mechanics of silent sitting largely depends upon the age groups of the students. This kind of stimulation helps the children between 4 years and 9 years.

The greatest advantage of silent sitting is an immediate increase in individual productivity, in metal capacity to accomplish things and a sure passport to success, joy, self-confidence and fame.


Dear Sweet children,

Close your eyes and imagine. Have you ever felt as big as the sky? Well, you are larger and brighter than even the sky. You are an important part of God’s being.

You are walking in a garden. It is very beautiful. The birds are singing, chirping, flying and are very happy.

A cool breeze is flowing and gently touching you with love. You look at the sky. What a beautiful sky!

A space was created by God. It vibrates with ‘Pranava’ sound of ‘Aum’. You shout, speak, sing and cry. Where does it go? It goes into the space. Space accepts everyone’s word whether rice or poor, weak or strong.

The sky is inviting all the living beings to float high and enjoy. The sun is glowing and shining with its rays of light and love. Spread both of your hands and heart to all the people, birds, animals, planets, fish and rocks and so on to share your love.

As space accommodates everything, let your heart encompass every being. Be still in this happy and joyful feeling. Express your gratitude to Lord and slowly come back to yourself and open your eyes.


  1. What did you see in space?
  2. Who created space for whom?

[Reference : Sathya Sai Education in Human Values – SILENCE TO SAI-LENS, GUIDED VISUALISATIONS, By Chithra Narayan & Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo MSK]


Dear Children, Say ‘So’ and ‘HUM’!

When you say ‘SO’ you are breathing in, inhaling, and when you say ‘HUM’, you are breathing out, exhaling. Air is a very important element created by God. Living creatures cannot live even for a little while without air. Our ancestors worshipped air as ‘Vayudeva’. Now you slowly close your eyes.

We are entering into a wonderful garden that is surrounded by beautiful fragrant flowers. On one side of garden are jasmine flowers while the path way is beautifully decorated with rose flowers.

Cool breeze is flowing. It is carrying the fragrance of flowers in it. Our whole body is getting cool and refreshed with this breeze. Birds are also chirping on the tree. We are walking in the garden admiring the beauty of nature.

Oh! Someone is playing a flute nearby. We are at peace as this music falls in our ears. The whole atmosphere is giving us energy. We send rays of love and you all around. We should be like Air. It is available to rich and poor, man or animal, flora or fauna.

Like the air that’s cool and clear
Let our smile be full of cheer
And His lotus feet always be near

Slowly recite ‘Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti’ and open your eyes.


  1. What are the other names of air?
  2. What is the importance of air?

[Reference : Sathya Sai Education in Human Values – SILENCE TO SAI-LENS, GUIDED VISUALISATIONS, By Chithra Narayan & Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo MSK]


Dear Children, Breathe in and Breathe Out.

Sit in a relaxed position. We are going to visualize the element ‘Fire’ which represents ‘Light’. Fire has been given the name of ‘Agni-deva’. We worship fire, do ‘Homa’. We also take ‘Aarati’ to all God with a flame of fire. Now gently close your eyes.

The day dawns and you rise early from bed and say the morning prayers. Just go out and see the sun. The Sun’s light dispels the darkness of night and spreads everywhere. You feel the warmth of the morning sun. You take bath and wash your clothing, dry up in the sun and air.

Then your loving mother serves you hot tiffin cooked on fire. The sun rises over head at noon and again you enjoy delicious lunch cooked with the help of Fire. For the whole day the sun has given light, heat and energy. Evening comes and you get the light of the moon. Your mother lights the sacred lamp at your shrine room for prayer. Incense fire is also lit up to provide fragrance.

Imagine and say that wherever there is light, darkness cannot remain. Just as the Fire burns all things, knowledge about God will remove all bad thoughts. Bad thoughts are out and all good thoughts are in. Flame of fire always goes up. Similarly we should have always high and lofty ideals and thoughts. Say these words and gently open your eyes.

Oh! God, Lead me from darkness to light.


  1. What did you see?
  2. What is the attribute of Fire?

[Reference : Sathya Sai Education in Human Values – SILENCE TO SAI-LENS, GUIDED VISUALISATIONS, By Chithra Narayan & Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo MSK]


Dear Children,

Stretch your hands up and down. Now gently relax with a smile admiring the beauty of Lord’s creations. Water, one of the five elements of nature, is the creation of God. It has four attributes of sound, touch, form and taste. It has the property of constant flow, always on the move. We should learn from it-never be idle but always do some work, which will help others and create harmony.

Close your eyes and imagine your day. You got up in the morning, prayed to the Lord and went to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You had milk and took bath with the help of water. Your mother washed clothes with water. Your cleaner cleaned the utensils with water. Your father watered the plants and washed his hands and legs with water. All of you had your tiffin prepared with the help of water.

Oh! My child! We cannot exist in this world without water. We should be grateful to God who has created this water to quench your thirst. We should not waste water, instead save every drop. Thank you for your wonderful gift. Gently come back to yourself and say these lines.

Water, Water, Water
God is your creator,
You make everybody’s life a pleasure
I promise you to keep you ever pure.


  1. What is the colour of Water?
  2. What is the shape of the Water?
  3. What are uses of Water?

[Reference : Sathya Sai Education in Human Values – SILENCE TO SAI-LENS, GUIDED VISUALISATIONS, By Chithra Narayan & Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo MSK]


Dear Children,

Nature is the vesture of God. We visualize Mother Earth who has given us the place in this world. She is bearing us. Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe.

God has given five elements like earth, water, fire, air and space. They are divine, declare the Vedas. The Earth has gifted us with home to live, air to breathe, fire to fulfill our hunger, water to quench our thirst and space to move on. Imagine one without the other.

Man has exploited and vandalized earth, polluted air and water and spoiled the space with his negative thoughts. What do we see now? Global warming, receding glaciers and shrinking rivers etc.,

Our body is like mother earth. We need to take care of our body as we take care of our earth.

How do we protect our Mother Earth – ‘Bhoomatha’? By being good and doing well. Spread the goodness by chanting vedic mantras and filling the air with positive thoughts. Oh! God, Help each one of us to treat nature with love and reverence. Slowly let us come back to this place. Open your eyes with a loving smile.


  1. What are the five elements?
  2. What did we do, to make mother earth sad?
  3. How do we protect the earth?

Dear Children,

All the five elements are divine entities of God. Mother earth is one of the five elements and we worship her as ‘Bhu-devi’ or ‘Dhartimata’. Our life flourishes only because of earth. It has five attributes of sound, touch, form, taste and smell.

Close your eyes and visualize mother earth that is bearing you and me. She serves the entire world without any expectation. Look at the tall mountains resting on her. Mighty and long rivers flowing on her, Small and big lakes and ponds filling on her, Tall towers and mansions and buildings standing on her, Look at the agriculture side, growing all the food items for the entire world.

Oh ! Mother Earth, we dig and plough you; and you only give us food, wood, coal, minerals etc., You are my mother and I am the son of earth. Yes, we are all the children of mother earth. Now repeat these words there times.

“Mother earth, I Love you and I am your child”
“Mother earth, I Love you and I am your child”
“Mother earth, I Love you and I am your child”
And gently open your eyes.


  1. Name the five elements?
  2. What do we get from mother earth?

[Reference : Sathya Sai Education in Human Values – SILENCE TO SAI-LENS, GUIDED VISUALISATIONS, By Chithra Narayan & Gayeetree Ramchurn Samboo MSK]

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