Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter V

  • Striking Incidents at Dakshineswar
  • The Sharp Rebuke to Rani Rasmani
  • His Vision of Mother Sita

The Sharp Rebuke to Rani Rasmani

Rani Rasmani was greatly attracted to Sri Ramakrishna, for she felt that his strange behaviour bespoke the fullness of devotion rather than any mental derangement. One day she came to Dakshineswar and entered the temple, after bathing in the Ganga, and sat in meditation.  She later requested Sri Ramakrishna to sing some songs to the Mother. Slowly the music arose from the heart of the devotee; like a fountain of heavenly bliss it bathed his whole being with ecstasy. After a time, the Rani began thinking of some important lawsuit. Noticing her inattentiveness, Sri Ramakrishna gave her a sharp rebuke. At this, the Rani’s heart was filled with remorse that worldly thoughts could so influence her mind as to turn it away from the divine bliss which the young priest was showering on her. Rasmani retired to her room. When her attendants complained of Sri Ramakrishna’s insolence towards her, she answered, “You do not understand; the Divine Mother Herself punished me and thus illumined my heart.”

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