Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter VIII

  • Finding Divinity In His Consort Part – I
  • Teaching Sarada
  • Sri Ramakrishna returns to Dakshineswar
  • Sarada Devi goes to Dakshineswar

Teaching Sarada

Sri Ramakrishna was absent from Kamarpukur for more than eight years. He was all the time absorbed in various spiritual practices at Dakshineswar. He was in poor health; so Mathur thought that a change would be good for him. Therefore, in the summer of 1867 Ramakrishna started for Kamarpukur accompanied by Hriday and Bhairavi Brahmani for a change. Sri Ramakrishna stayed at Kamarpukur for six months. It was a great relaxation for him to enter into the joys and sorrows of the simple village folk after the stormy days of sadhana at Dakshineswar. Sarada, his girl wife, was then staying with her father at Jayrambati.

Shortly after Sri Ramakrishna’s arrival, she was sent for. So Sarada Devi, or the Holy Mother as she came to be be known later to the devotees of Sri Ramakrishna, arrived at Kamarpukur.

Here was a chance for Sri Ramakrishna to test his realizations. By allowing the rightful privileges of her position to his wife, who was then a girl of fourteen, he subjected himself to an ordeal from which he emerged brighter than ever. He took special care that she had an all-round training in the discharge of her household duties. Sarada was charmed with the ideal of pure and selfless love that was shown to her by her saintly husband; she was content to worship him as her Ishtadeva and by following in his footsteps to develop her own character. Sri Ramakrishna trained her not only in spiritual things but also in mundane matters that would make her an ideal mistress of the household.

But the Bhairavi Brahmani did not take kindly to the idea of Sri Ramakrishna’s doing his duty towards his wife. Perhaps she feared that this would endanger his celibate life. But the Master would not listen to her remonstrance. He remained unruffled and revered her as much as ever. The Brahmani was seized with a sense of false pride; and despite her attainments, she could not control herself. But subsequently she came to realize her mistakes.  One day she approached Sri Ramakrishna with sandal paste and garlands of flowers which she had taken great pains to prepare, and with these adorned him as an Incarnation of Sri Chaitanya. She implored his forgiveness and bade farewell to Kamarpukur.

The holy association of Sarada with her God-intoxicated husband at Kamarpukur filled her pure heart with unspeakable delight. Referring to this joy, she said later on, “I used to feel always as if a pitcher full of bliss was placed in my heart, the joy was ineffable”.

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