Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter IV

  • Sri Ramakrishna’s Way Of Worship
  • The Divine Mother – Kali
  • Feeling the Presence of Divine Mother
  • God-Intoxication

The Divine Mother – Kali

Sri Ramakrishna adapted himself to his new station and forgot everything else. Ramkumar, being troubled by Sri Ramakrishna’s love for solitude and growing indifference to the world, resolved to teach him the elaborate procedure of the worship of Kali, so that, later, he might carry out the task quite efficiently. As it is not considered advisable to undertake the worship of Shakti or Kali without being properly initiated, Sri Ramakrishna, at the advice of his elder brother, got the necessary initiation from Kenaram Bhattacharya in Kolkata who was noted for his devotion and experience. It is said that as soon as the sacred Mantra was uttered in his ears, Sri Ramakrishna, overwhelmed with religious fervour, gave a shout and plunged into deep concentration, which greatly astonished the Guru.

From this time Ramakumar asked his brother now and then to take over the worship of the Divine Mother, while he himself worshipped at the altar of Radha-Kanta instead. Ramkumar was also growing old and decided to go home for a change. Sri Ramakrishna was, therefore, permanently put in charge of the worship of Mother Kali. But Ramkumar was not destined to see his home again for he breathed his last at a place a few miles north of Kolkata. His death came to the young priest as a great shock and a revelation. It occurred at a time when he was fast realizing the transitory nature of the world, and all his energies were now given to search for something that was real and imperishable. While those about him were wasting time in  frivolity, he was spending day and night with a consuming thirst for God.

To Sri Ramakrishna the image of Kali was not an inert stone but the Mother Herself. The realisation of God became the one absorbing passion of the young aspirant. He would shed tears profusely at being denied the vision of the Mother and would burst out crying.

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