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கற்பனை செய்துபார்!

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Guided Visualisation with reference to five senses

We would have experienced that as soon as we decide to enter into silence of deep contemplation, we are encountered by countless thoughts – if thoughts they could be called – which do not interest us in the least, do not represent for us any active desire or attachment, but only a hindrance that disturbs the mind. The precious time is uselessly lost in an unwanted thought; we know that it is a terrible wastage. What is the remedy?

Baba has said:“Sow a seed of thought-reap a fruit of action, Sow a seed of action-reap a fruit of habit, Sow a seed of habit-reap a fruit of character, Sow a seed of character-reap a fruit of good fortune”.

It is the Mahavakya that guides everyone to control one’s conscious thought. There must be many ways of achieving this. The nine-point code of conduct prescribed by our Lord quotes that “Daily Meditation and Prayers are very essential”.

Understand the first characteristic of the mind. It runs helplessly after the senses. For example, When a pot of water becomes empty, we need not infer that it has leaked away through ten holes, one hole is enough to empty it. So too, even if one sense is not under control, you will be thrown into bondage. So, every sense has to be mastered.