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Ramayana the story of Lord Rama is even today highly relevant to seekers of Truth all around the world. Ramayana stands for sacred ideals such as Duty, Truth, Devotion, Faith, Right-Conduct and Surrender. The epic demonstrates high individual ideals of obeying our parents, practising discipline and righteousness. The essence of all these teachings is that one must constantly adhere to his Dharma (duty). We must instil these values in our lives and find happiness.

Swami says that, “Ramayana is indeed the path shown by God to mankind as to how to lead an ideal human life”. Swami has also stressed on the importance of Rama Namasmarana as the path to liberation in this Kali age (Divine Discourse, Rama Navami, 30th March 2004).

For Group 2, the story can be read out in class by the students and higher morals like performing one’s duty in his/her daily life can be explained. Swami’s book, Ramakatha Rasavahini is a compilation of some detailed and unknown facts of Ramayana.

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