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  1. To ease the strains of carrying on one’s duties, these should be done while repeating the Name.
  2. A Keertana doesn’t depend on the correct Raagas and Taala. It should be done in ecstasy of love or as a spontaneous offering to God.
  3. A vicious man keenly observes other’s trifling blemishes, whereas he ignores his own glaring defects, even though he is aware of them.
  4. Helping the vicious ones produces harmful results just as milk consumed by serpents adds to their venom.
  5. “It matters not which name we utter, so long as we do so regularly and continuously.”
  6. “The desire for fruits is indeed the obstacle between us and God, whereas disinterested lover for God wins all.”
  7. An action will as a matter of course be attended by its result. An act, dedicated to God will produce greater results than one not so dedicated.