Values Through Noble Personalities


Group I Children

Values Inculcated:
  • To appreciate the good qualities that make a person noble and humble.
  • To appreciate the legacy that a person gives to the mankind, by being good.
  • To increase memory power & improve concentration.
Materials Required:
  1. A set of ‘Religions & Holy Persons’ cards.
  2. A set of ‘Great Personalities & Noble qualities’ cards.
Preparatory Effort:

The guru to talk about the virtues of Holy Persons and Great Personalities and direct the children to always see good in others. And help the children to understand the importance of virtues in becoming a Humble Person.

  1. The children sit in a semicircle.
  2. The guru selects 5 pictures of the cards ‘Religions & Holy Persons’ or/and ‘Great Personalities & Noble qualities’ and shows them to children. (one by one)
  3. The children are asked to close their eyes for 1 minute by remembering the pictures.
  4. The cards are kept aside (face down) and each child is asked to pickup one card.
  5. Child to recall the personality and talk about the good qualities that made them examples to mankind.
  6. When the child recalls the personality wins 1 point. And adds 1 point for each good quality of the personality (if the quality is logical for that particular personality).
  7. Do not forget that rather than memory, the aim of this game is to see good qualities in others.
  8. This game can be played many times, by mixing the cards (selecting in random different pictures).
Gurus Reference:

Religions & Holy Person , Printable cards

Great Personalities & Noble Qualities , Printable cards

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