Attitude Test

We are all familiar with Bhagawan lovingly chiding or teasing a person calling him or her “giraffe”, “monkey”, etc. He has also explained why He says so: the heart and head are far apart as a giraffe; the mind might be wavering like a monkey.

Attitude of a person differs depending on the environment. Bhagawan, however, insists that at any situation we need to be conscious of our basic dharma and act accordingly.

Attitude tests are similar to role plays. However, here, assessment of attitude need not necessarily be through an assumed role for the student. It could be through games, team activities, and responsibilities.

Rubik’s cube with pictures related to a particular value for each colour, using building blocks to construct a theme-based structure, and mock panel discussions, are all ways to develop the right attitudes in a child.

You are joining a music school to develop a hobby and you are not good at it. You
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