Vegetable Ganesha

Using Biscuits And Chocolates

Values Inculcated:
  • Importance of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and sharing Joy with others
  • Importance of Narayan Seva
  • Creativity
Get Ready With:

The Guru can explain the Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi
The Guru can also teach a sloka or a bhajan on Ganesha or even tell a story.

Materials Required:
  • Biscuits, chocolates
  1. The students in the class should be divided into groups according to the strength of the class and the groups can be given names.
  2. The Gurus can give different kind of biscuits and chocolates to each student in the group (The students also can be asked to bring the biscuits)
  3. Show the children different pictures of Lord Ganesha and ask them to form the image of Ganesha with the given biscuits. (The groups can join together to make one Ganesha or each group can make one, depending upon the strength)
  4. Every student can offer Pooja to the Ganesha that they have made. (The students can also sing a bhajan as an offering to the Lord)
  5. The final part comes the Visarjan, the immersion of the Lord’s idol. Here in our case the Visarjan can be, distributing the Biscuits and Chocolates among the children and if possible to the poor as well.
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