Ganesh Chaturthi - Activities

Art And Craft Activity

Values Inculcated:
  • Patience
  • Creativity
Materials Required:
  • Ganesha Template
  • All purpose glue / fevicol
  • Brush
  • Finger millet (Raagi), Wheat, Horse gram, Green gram, Rajma, Black gram, Kabuli channa and rice
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • A4 sheet / Chart paper
  1. Draw the outline of Ganesha or take printout of Ganesha template which is given below
  2. Apply glue using brush on the face and trunk of Ganesha, spread wheat over it and pack it tightly with stick.
  3. Follow step 2 and fill ;
    • Horse gram for stomach
    • Green grams for ears
    • Finger millet for legs
    • Wheat for hands/legs and outline with finger millet
    • Crown with kabuli channa and black grams
    • Eyes with rice and rajma
    • Vibuthi pattai (three horizontal lines on forehead) with black grams
  4. Allow to dry for two days
  5. Fill the gaps if any
  6. Apply transperant glue on the grains with brush and leave it to dry for another two days. This is to prevent the craft from insects.
  7. Frame the craft and hang on the wall.
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