Emoticon Quiz On Ramayana

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Emoticon Quiz, Answer

  1. Jatayu moksham
  2. Hanuman carries Sanjeevani mountain
  3. Vaali Sugreeva fight
  4. Rama kills Ravana
  5. Rama pattabhisekham
  6. Three bowls of payasam for the three queens
  7. Bharatha carries Rama padhukas on his head
  8. Surpanaka’s nose and ears are chopped off
  9. Hanuman sets Lanka on fire
  10. The Ring of love between Rama and Sita
  11. Guha
  12. Rama worships Shiva linga before crossing the ocean
  13. Shiva dhanush is broken in half by Rama
  14. Sita is found in a box under the earth
  15. Laxman cannot decide where to place the tent as he had surrendered to Rama
  16. Sabari tastes the fruits to give the best ones to Rama
  17. Ahalya is freed from the rock
  18. Waking up of Kumbhakarna
  19. Hanuman mistakes the sun for an apple
  20. Sita takes the Agni Pariksha
  21. Hanuman hugs Rama
  22. Lakshmana cries in the cradle
  23. Sampati (Jatayu’s brother) saw Sita in Lanka through its telescopic vision
  24. Twins lava kusa fight Rama
  25. Hanuman carries Ram Laxman osn his shoulders
  26. Sita with bhiksha crossing Laxman rekha
  27. When Laxman falls at Rama’s feet, Sita garlands Rama
  28. The golden maya deer
  29. Rama Lakshmana protected the yagna from Mareecha and Subhahu
  30. Killing Ravana and Rama joining Sita is equivalent to destroying bad qualities and Swami joining devotee
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