Go On A Quest

Discover Two-Word Ganesha Names

Values Inculcated:
  • Observation skills
  • Thinking skills
  • Can learn many names of Lord Ganesha
Materials Required:
  • The Ganesha Names Chart
  • Pencil/pen
  • A4 sheet
Get Ready With:
  • Gurus can have discussions on different names of Ganesha and the meaning.
  • Alternatively, gurus can sing Ganesha bhajans and help the children to identify the different names of Ganesha in it.

This is a game wherein children are given a few words in a sheet. Each word is inside a box. Children have to make two-word Ganesha name by combining any two words.

For simplicity, the words given in the box that is sloping upwards is the first part of Ganesha’s name. The words given in the box that is sloping downward is the second part of the name. eg: Vakra = First word and Tunda = second word. These when combined gives us the name Vakratunda.

Alternatively, the teacher can use colour codes as well. All the first part of the name can be in red and the second part of the name black. Both can be done for clarity purpose.

Children can be given freedom to make more than one name of Ganesha using the same word. eg : Parvathi Tanaya ; Parvathi Nandana. Children can jot down the names in a book or paper. The child with the correct names and maximum names is the winner.

  • Activity
  • Answer

Ganesha Names

  1. Ambika thanaya
  2. Bala ganapathi
  3. Vighna vinashana
  4. Shiva kumara
  5. Mathanga vadana
  6. Mooshika vahana
  7. Gowri sutha
  8. Siddhi vinayaka
  9. Skanda purvaja
  10. Pranava swaroopa
  11. Gana natha
  12. Parvathi nandana
  13. Gaja karna
  14. Mangal murthi
  15. Vakra tunda
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