Home-sweet home

The home is a temple where each member of the family is a moving temple and is nurtured and nourished. The mother is the high priestess of the House of God. Humility is the incense with which the house is filled. Reverence is the lamp that is lit with love as Oil and Faith as wick.

Home is heaven when there is Love and understanding and the same becomes hell when there is distrust and hostility. The home and the family is the basic social institution everywhere in the world. When the home improves, the whole world will be better.The home where the name of the Lord is not heard is a cave and nothing more. If the home is filled with clean fragrance of contentment and peace, all its occupants will be happy and healthy. The elders have, therefore, a great responsibility towards the generations that is coming up.

That home, where the husband and wife are bound together by holy love, where every day both are engaged in the reading of books that feed the soul where the name of the Lord is sung and His glory is remembered, that home is really the Home of the Lord. The homes in which the Bal Vikas children grow, as indeed all homes, have to be clean, with vibrations free from hatred, envy, greed, spite and hypocrisy. The food that the child eats must be wholesome and pure. Between the ages of two and five, the child’s mind is profoundly affected by the behaviour of those nearest to him, so the parents must take care to set a good example.

The family is essential for the blossoming of human personality; how can a helpless baby grow and learn, talk and move forwards without a home? Home is the dwelling place of Right Conduct. A home is a home if the woman is honoured and respected within it. Such a home is the heaven of prosperity and peace.