Shaantaakaaram Bhujaga

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  • Shaantaakaaram Bhujaga Shayanam
  • Padmanaabham Suresham
  • Vishwaadhaaram Gaganasadrusham
  • Megha Varnam Shubhaangam
  • Lakshmi Kaantam Kamala Nayanam
  • Yogibhir Dhyaanagamyam
  • Vande Vishnum Bhavabhaya Haram
  • Sarva Lokaika Naatham

We bow down to the Master of the Universe, Lord Vishnu who is ever peaceful, who lies on the great serpent bed, who has lotus arising from His navel, who is the Lord of the Devas, the supporter of the entire Universe, who is all pervading as the sky, who is of the hue of the clouds, of fascinating beauty, the beloved of Lakshmi, who is lotus eyed, who dwells in the heart of the Yogis, who can be approached and perceived through meditation and who is the destroyer of fear of birth and death.

SHAANTAAKAARAM The giver of peace or peace personified
BHUJAGA SHAYANAM The Lord who sleeps on the serpent couch
PADMANAABHAM The lotus arising out of the Navel of Lord Vishnu
SURESHAM The God of good ones, the most Divine
VISHWAADHAARAM The whole and sole supporter of the universe
GAGANA SADRUSHAM The one who is as expansive as the sky
VARNAM Nature or colour
SHUBHAANGAM The one who is beautiful
LAKSHMI KAANTAM The one who is the owner of Lakshmi (Lakshmi personifies good luck, success, splendour, lustre)
KAMALA NAYANAM The lotus-eyed one
YOGIBHIR DHYAANAGAMYAM The one whom the yogis constantly meditate upon
VANDE VISHNUM I bow down to Lord Vishnu who is omnipresent
BHAVA Worldly, delusion
BHAYA Fear, danger
HARAM Remover of delusion
SARVA LOKAIKA NAATHAM He is the only one who is the leader of all the beings of the world


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