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Devi Bhajans

Every form is that of “Durga” – the deity associated with Shakthi (energy). There is infinite power within man, the power that is beyond comprehension and Divine. “Saraswathi” is present in all as the Goddess of Speech. The body is regarded as Brahma and the tongue as Saraswati. The vibrations that emanate from the heart find expression in sound through the union of the body and the tongue. “Lakshmi” represents all wealth and prosperity, not just money. It is the wealth of happiness and bliss. The buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasura, represents the evil forces. It is the combined power of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati represented by Power of the Will, the Power of Action and the Power of Wisdom respectively which put an end to this demon – BABA

Let us pray to Mother Sai by singing these DEVI bhajans, to awaken all these potencies within us so that we use the power of our will, wisdom and action to overcome all obstacles in our spiritual journey.


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