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“When Krishna was being weighed in a balance, all the jewels of Sathyabhaama could not balance His weight. Rukmini then came and declared that the mere chanting of the name of Krishna would be equal to His weight. By the additional offer of a leaf, a flower or a little water, the scales will be tilted against Krishna. So saying she placed a thulasi leaf on the scale. And lo! it went down. The tulasi leaf carried the full weight of Rukmini’s boundless love for Krishna. All the jewels of Sathyabhaama were of no avail. But Rukmini’s invoking the name of Krishna and offering a thulasi leaf with a love-filled heart titled the scales against Krishna. Such is the power of the Lord’s name and a love-filled offering to the Lord. The Lord is not swayed by wealth or scholarship, power or position. Love alone can move Him.” – Baba

God incarnated as Krishna to charm humanity with His sweetness, His play, His songs, and to show man the path of pure love and how to live in divine love. Krishna’s advent signifies the dispelling of darkness, the removal of troubles, the banishing of ignorance, and the teaching of mankind of the supreme wisdom. Let us Join in singing the glory of Lord Krishna.


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