Radha Radha Bhajan

(Jai) Radha Radha Radha Krishna Radha
Jai Radha Krishna Radha
Radha Radha Radha Krishna Radha

Victory to Radha, the greatest devotee among the Gopis and to Lord Krishna, the Lord of Radha.

Radha Radha – Explanation

Jai May victory be to
Radha A great devotee of Lord Krishna
Krishna Krishna means ‘He who attracts’ (root word ‘krish’ as in aakarshana, which means ‘the power to attract’)

Radha Radha – Activity

Radiant Thinking

The guru gives a topic RADHA – KRISHNA to the students by writing it in the centre of the board, and speaking it aloud.

Ask the students to say words related to topics. Eg.Blue, Peacock crown, Flute, Mathura, Gopikas, devotee. Write the words on the board and in their notebooks (please, do not put numbers, or try to organise the words). There is no limit to what and how many words come up!!!

Note : Related words come from the students not from the guru. If the guru doesn’t find connection between the topic and a word given by a child, ask him/her “why” he/she feels that word is related instead of saying “no”.

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