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We meditate upon our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in standing pose with Abhaya hasta. Concentrate on the halo of soft hair surrounding the head of our dear Lord. Look at His face, full like the full-moon, and hinged with the hue of blue clouds. Those unique attractive star-like eyes look straight into and touch your heart when cast upon. See, He is greeting us with a warm charming smile. Look at His strong shoulders; shoulders that bear the burden of all the worlds, shoulders that can hold back all the evils in the path of His devotees.

His right arm is raised to bless us and is in the Abhaya pose, “Abhaya”, means “do not fear”. For, our Lord says, “Why fear when I am here”; yes, He is always there to inspire, guide and guard us. “He is the refuge of all and is the boundless ocean of mercy”.

Listen! for you can hear Baba’s sweet guiding voice ringing in your ears. He is saying “abstain from evil, adhere to good deeds and right-living. Truth, love, non-injury to all beings, tolerance, endurance and forbearance are divine virtues which promote, foster and spread peace, happiness and auspiciousness”.

Hold fast to His Divine Feet. Let us now bow our heads and rest it upon those Lotus Feet and pray, ” Oh Lord of the whole Universe, give us the strength that these hands which have clasped Thy Feet, may not loosen under any circumstances. That this head which has bowed to Thy Will, shall never bow to any worldly wicked matter. That these eyes cast upon Thy Feet will always rest there.

Oh Lord! Please reside in our empty hearts and make it Thy abode, so that all the blood rushing to it may be made pure by Thy Presence. Then whatever I see, whatever I speak, whatever I hear and whatever I do, will be Sathyam, Shivam and Sundaram.

  • Oh God, be in our mind and in our thinking,
  • Oh God, be in our eyes and in our seeing,
  • Oh God, be in our ears and in our hearing,
  • Oh God, be in our mouth and in our speaking,
  • Oh God, be in our heart and in our desiring,
  • Oh God, be in our body and in our acting.

Make us Thy Children, true and pure so that We see Thee in all. Then only will the whole world, appear to us full of Thy Glory. We shall then have no enemies. We shall envy none and none shall envy us, for they are no longer themselves but Thyself and We are no longer ourselves but Thyself. Thou art ours, Oh Lord, and We are Thine”.

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