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Every year in December, Christmas is celebrated to mark the event of the birth of Christ. Christmas is a time of joy and gaiety when families come together and decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful, colourful ornaments and lights. Star Lanterns are hung outdoors to mark the onset of the festival. Presents wrapped in colourful boxes are placed under the tree and opened on the day of Christmas. Prayers, singing of carols, midnight masses in Churches, preparation of traditional Christmas dishes at home including cookies, cakes, pudding etc are other attractions.
More importantly, Christmas is the time to remind ourselves about the great teachings of Jesus, His compassion and love. He served the poorest of the poor and taught the world that when we serve the poor, the needy, the hungry and the sick, we are serving God. Swami, on the occasion of Christmas Day, 1982, urged everyone to awaken the Jesus within us.

As a Christmas treat, we are happy to share with you the significance of the birth of Jesus, Swami’s discourses on Jesus, carols, stories, art and craft on the theme of Christmas and more! It’s just a click away!


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