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Once she told Me, “Swami, our Puttaparthi is a small village. Since there is no school in this village, the children are forced to walk long distances to attend schools in the neighboring villages. I know that You are the ocean of compassion. Please construct a small school in this village.” I asked where she wanted the school to be built. She said she had a piece of land behind her house. She wanted the school to be constructed there. As desired by her, I got the school constructed. Though it was a small school, the inaugural function was a grand affair attended by many devotees.The next day Easwaramma expressed her happiness over the inaugural function and said that she had one more desire. She wanted a hospital also to be built in the village. She said, “Swami, I don’t want to put You to trouble. If You are troubled, the whole world will be in trouble and if You are happy the whole world will be happy. So if it gives You happiness, please construct a small hospital.” As per her wish, I got the hospital constructed. Bejawada Gopal Reddy, a highly reputed person in those days, was invited to inaugurate the hospital. The inauguration was attended by thousands of people from the neighboring villages. Easwaramma did not imagine that this would be such a grand affair. Next day, she came up to Me and said, “Swami, it does not matter even if I die now. I have no more worries, you have fulfilled my desires and mitigated the suffering of the villagers to a great extent.” I said, “If you have any more desires, ask Me now.” She replied hesitantly that she had yet another small desire. “You know that the river Chithravathi is in spate during the rainy season. But in summer it dries to a trickle and people do not have drinking water. So, please see that some wells are dug in this village.” I told her that I would not stop with these small wells and that I would provide drinking water to the entire Rayalaseema region. Easwaramma said, “I don’t know what Rayalaseema is. I am satisfied if our village is provided with drinking water.” – Baba

Sri Sathya Sai loved to be adored as “Eshwaramba Nandana”, “Eshwaramba Priya Tanaya” and so on. These bhajans which celebrate this beautiful relationship between the Divine Mother and the Divine Avatar will not only fill us with bliss but also would fill the Lord’s heart with joy when we sing them with sincere love for the Divine.


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