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When God walks on Earth, plants, animals and man bask in Universal and Divine love. There is harmony and joy all over and the miracle of transformation spreads. This is what happened for more than eight decades when the Avatar of Sri Sathya Sai Baba descended on the holy day of November 23, 1926 to live in our midst.

Young Sai is a collection of stories that narrate the birth and childhood days of our beloved Lord. They show how the Young Sathya sowed the seeds for His glorious mission. He lived His teachings, declaring : My Life is My Message. 

The Balvikas guru can select the incidents from the collection given based on the age of his or her pupil. The uniqueness of the narration is that these are not just stories from the life of God but take aways on values of life. The Gurus should highlight the values that are integral part of the stories.

Balvikas Gurus can also choose from the quiz section questions to assess the understanding of the students.


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