Balvikas Guru Manual-Group-II

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Joythi adopted schools

1Importance of AUMAumkaram BinduJayadeva storyWrting aumFinding AUM
2Where is God? Sugar water expt, what all God has createdfor us?revisionGod is realMy god is so greatPutting tail on Aum
3God is OmnipresentEat when you are aloneRevisionEat alone along with story
4God is oneGod is one for everyone
5God is OmniscientGod is at the window
6Power of prayersarva mangalaFaith - Kiran storyWrite a prayer of your own
7How nature teaches usWhat happened to the trees
8Trees - experential learningsChits game on nature
9what we learn from animalsSong what we learn from animalsDrawing animals of differenttypes together in one page
10Knowledge / WisdomYaakundenduGoddess saraswathiWord search
11Love extends to schoolTrue friendsFlower with values
12Parts of the bodyParts of body songChits of parts of bodywhich part of body do you use in this activity
13eating HabitsHarir dataVeggie vengencevegetables are good for me
14Healthy LivingRevisionQuiz
15NeighboursI live in a colony
16KindnessThe Prophets love
17KindnessGlass of Milk
18Help & Be HappyThirsting for LoveLaugh a little
19HappinessMake someone happyGood samaritan
20The saving namePandit & the Milkmaidsweet are his lips
21Nothing is uselessNothing is uselessBest from waste
22Forgivenesskara charanaSelf auditDevghar & Kacda Dhaba
23Sharing and caringLizard lessonsIf we care
245 mothersIdentify the mother
25Service to manServe man serve GodBe kind to the poor and needy
26ConcentrationSwami VivekanandaPebble game
27UnityUnity is strength
28TruthThief who became virtuousgood and bad quality
29TruthGeorge WashingtonNational Motto
30Importance of LoveLove & time
31Do Not judge othersThe proud red rose
32HonestyRamu & ChandraAttitude test
33The Gift of Parents LoveThe Apple Tree
34MotherMothers are specialMother of mine
35Value of TimeDoorway to the worldTime used to see Tv
36contentmentThe rattled Rat
37DiscriminationThe 3 Fishes
38DiscriminationWish Fulfilling Tree
39Duty and LoyaltyParrot & TreeGod has gifted valuable gems
40LazinessLazy MeenaDo it yourself
41UnderstandingThe flute BoyLove all serve all
42GoodnessThe Race
43SimplicityThe Ornament of simplicityCircle words
44Love in ActionSharing with LoveI’ve got peace like a river
45GratitudeBe Thankful for everythingIf you have a kind word
46StrengthUse all your strength
47SuccessThomas Edison
48Action & ReactionPound of Butter
49PeacePower of Silence
50AttitudeHoney Bee Making a Difference
51DisciplineGuru Arjun Dev