Period 14 – Food and Thought

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Gita sloka on food
We Think What We Eat

Once upon a time, there was a pious Brahmin who lived in Karnataka. He was a great scholar. He had a very good wife. This noble man was known for his good character.

One day a monk came to his house and asked for alms. This made the Brahmin very happy. After giving him the alms, the Brahmin invited the monk to come again to have dinner at his house.

Next day morning, the Brahmin decorated his house beautifully for the monk. But, that day his wife became sick and could not prepare food for the monk.

They had a good neighbour. She said she will help them cook the food. She cooked the food for the monk in the kitchen. The monk came and had the food. All were very happy. However, the monk was not happy about one thing. When he was having the food, he felt like stealing the silver cup which was there near his plate. He tried very hard not to steal. But he took the silver cup and hid it when no one was looking. After, having dinner, the monk went back home with the silver cup.

When the monk reached home, the monk could not sleep at all. He felt very bad and felt sorry that he did wrong act by stealing. He ran back to the Brahmin’s house next day morning. Once there, he fell at the feet of the Brahmin and gave back the silver cup. He cried and said sorry for doing such a bad act.

The monk asked the Brahmin that first time he had food, he did not get such a bad thought. But when second time he had food, he had a thought of stealing. The Brahmin said that first time his wife had cooked the food and chanted food prayer. The second time the neighbour had cooked the food. Then the Brahmin found out that the neighbour was a thief and never prayed and had stolen many times. So the monk got the thought of stealing because he had eaten the food the neighbour had prepared. So we should always eat satvik food and chant food prayer always while preparing food and before eating.

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