Period 27 – Honesty

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What is honesty? Honesty is always speaking the truth. Honesty is also never taking things that belong to others.If people tell lies, cheat or steal, it is such a shame when they get caught. Even if they do not get caught at once, it hurts inside because they are scared of being found out. This is a terrible feeling.

Suppose you don’t do homework one day and the teacher asks you if you did it, and you lie, then you are afraid all day that the teacher will see the book and find out. Isn’t it easier to tell the teacher the truth that you did not do it ,
say sorry and feel nice and peaceful.

Suppose your friend brings a nice new pencil box to school. He leaves it behind and you find it. What will you do? You will keep it safe and return to your friend the next day, won’t you? If you don’t, you are not being honest. Imagine how happy your friend would be to get his pencil box back! But, if you don’t give him, won’t he be unhappy? Can you be happy if your friend is unhappy? Won’t you be sad if you lose something in the class?


Once upon a time there lived a deer with her young fawn. One day, she went into the forest, looking for grass. She was caught by a big lion. The lion was about to kill her. The deer thought of her little fawn,waiting for her at home. Crying, she begged the lion. “I have a little fawn, There is no one to look after my baby, just give me a little time. I will go back and give my little fawn to my friend-. and I will come back and you can eat me.”

The lion laughed loudly. He said. “ Am I a fool to let you go? If you go home, are you a fool to come back?” The deer said, “Please believe me. I have never told a lie in my life. I will never lie. I will come back. The lion agreed to let her go. The deer rushed home and took her fawn to her friend. She told them her sad story. The friend and the fawn begged her not to go back.But the deer said to them, “It is better to die than to lie.” She said to her calf, “Always speak the truth. Live an honest life.” Then she went back to the forest.

The lion was waiting. He thought, “Did I make a mistake? Will the deer come back just to keep her word?” Then he saw her coming. He could not believe his eyes. The deer said Thank you for your kindness. Now I am ready to die. You may kill me.”

At this even the cruel lion’s heart melted. Tears fell from his eyes. He said, Your love for truth has changed my heart. I shall not kill you.” The deer went home happily.

  • Enacting of drama on Truth

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