Period 29 – Truth

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Why should you speak the truth?

You do not like anyone to lie to you, do you? So you should also never lie to anyone. Suppose you come to know that your friend has lied to you. How do you feel? You feel cheated. So, if you lie to anyone they will never trust you again.

How can you live a life of truth?

Step 1 – Correct your thoughts – think good thoughts, think happy thoughts. Forgive faults of others. Remember that nobody is perfect including yourself.

Step 2 – Say what you think. Never think one thing and say another thing. While speaking truth, remember to always say it politely and without hurting anyone.

Step 3 – Do what you say. Keep your word. It is not only promises that you must do it. You must try to keep your word in everything have to be kept, even if you say you will do a little thing, you must do it. You must try to keep your word in everything you say.


There was once a boy named George. One day his father gave him a small axe to play with. George was very happy with the axe. Immediately he ran to the garden and began trying the axe upon a young cherry tree.

In the evening George’s father saw the cherry tree lying on the ground. “Who has done this” asked George’s father angrily.

George was afraid, but he said, “Father, I chopped the cherry tree with the little axe you gave me.”

George’s father immediately hugged his son and said, “I am very happy that you spoke the truth. I would rather lose all my trees than hear my son tell a lie.”

Do you know who that boy was? He was George Washington – the first President of United State of America.

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