Period 3 – God is Omnipresent

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Eat when you are alone

One day a teacher was taking a class. The day’s lesson was on God. The teacher told the children that 7 God is present everywhere. There is no place where God is not there.

The next day the teacher brought ripe bananas and distributed them to all the students. He told them to take the fruit to a lonely place and eat where no one could see them. The boys nodded and soon ran out of the classroom.

(Ask the children in the same situation where will they go and eat. Get their answers and as per their reply continue the story)

Within 15 minutes all the children had returned except one. When questioned by the teacher, each boy said that he went to a lonely place and ate banana.

After half an hour the last boy returned. The fruit was still in his hands. Everyone looked at him in surprise. The teacher asked the boy, “Why didn’t you eat your fruit?”

The boy replied, “Sir, you told us yesterday that God is present in all beings and peeps out at the word through them. When you asked me to eat the fruit in a lonely place where no one could see me, I ran to every nook and corner but I was never alone. Under the bushes, God looked at me through the tiny squirrels. Under the trees He looked at me through the birds. In the house, He looked at me through the ants and sparrows. When I went to the lake, He looked at me through the fishes and lotuses. I couldn’t find a place, where He was not present. Therefore I couldn’t eat the fruit.

The teacher was very happy with the boy who could see God everywhere. He embraced him and said,” Son, you are correct. God watches us through all the beings. So when you have to eat or drink anything first offer the food to Him and then eat it as His Prasad.”

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