Period 33 – Goodness

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The Race

Once God wanted to find who amongst the animal was fastest? He decided to conduct a race Most of the animals were not willing to participate in the race.

However, the deer, the cheetah and the tortoise came forward to run the race. Those days, these three were considered as the fastest runners among all animals. God cheered the participants and blew the whistle at the starting line. The three sprinters ran at a very good pace and the race turned out to be very exciting.

The tortoise had an evil friend, the snake. He advised the tortoise to play a trick on his fellow competitors. The dumb-headed tortoise absorbed the poisonous idea and decided to play a wicked trick.

Halfway through the race, when the three participants were running parallel, suddenly, the tortoise moved his right foot in front of the deer. The deer at once stumbled, crashed to the ground and broke his leg. The tortoise picked up speed, and the good natured cheetah, instead of running and winning the race, stopped to help the deer, his opponent. The tortoise finished the race as the winner and his friend snake came to give him a hug.

But God Himself was witness to the snake’s plan and the trick played by the tortoise. So, instead of giving prize to the tortoise, he declared the tortoise as the slowest runner among all animals and made the snake crawl in shame for his evil suggestion. However, He was very pleased with cheetah for his unselfish act. He bestowed upon cheetah a gift; he made him the fastest animal on land. He also blessed the deer as the second fastest runner of the jungle. This tradition of the jungle is valid till today.

  • If you play fairly without cheating you will be rewarded at the end, But if you do not, then sooner or later, your lie will be called off, And no one will ever believeor trust you again.

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