Period 42 – Goodness

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The Great Wild Car Race

In a far away land there was once a type of small wild car that would drive freely around the countryside. They didn’t need motorways or gasoline, since all they needed to be able to move was good thoughts and desires – a rather original idea of their eccentric inventor.

Those cars became really famous, and the wild car races were everyone’s favourite pastime. Every boy dreamt about driving one, as their light weight and their honesty and sincerity made them ideal drivers. And as it was difficult to find light children with such good hearts that they could maintain good thoughts throughout an entire race, there were often tests to discover new talent, during which every boy would have a unique opportunity to demonstrate his ability with the wild cars.

So, one day, the testing team arrived at the small town where Nicky lived. Nicky was a good kid who, like many others, didn’t sleep that night, while queuing up, waiting his turn to drive one of the cars. During the wait, many boys rehearsed and practiced their good wishes and thoughts, but as soon as the gates were opened, a great lot of elbowing and pushing revealed that not all were as good as they appeared. However,the organisers expected this kind of thing, and after a few simple tests such as thanking someone for giving you a chocolate, helping to prepare the races, and respectfully attending to a rather annoying little old lady, there was only a small group of really good children left. Nicky was among them.

So, those children took turns to get into the cars and do a few laps of the circuit. Nicky would go last, but it didn’t bother him much, since he enjoyed seeing up close how the cars accelerated. When his turn came, his heart was beating ten to the dozen. Due to the excitement, he could hardly run, and so was about the last to get into his car. He was so happy, that he was a little late in realising that there was one last boy yet to get into his car; a boy who walked using crutches, and who hadn’t been able to reach the car earlier. Nicky could hear the head of testing say: “I’m very sorry, my boy, there are no cars left, and this is the last test of the day. The cars have to be rested soon. Come on, you’ll get your opportunity some other day…” Seeing the shine of excitement disappear from that boy’s face, and witnessing his deep sadness, Nicky took a deep breath, got out of his car and said: -“It’s OK, he can have my car.”

The engine of that car roared like never before, while the injured boy got in, filled with joy. Nicky was happy at what he had done, though a little bit disappointed. But before setting off, the other boy saw the hint of sadness in Nicky’s face and, grateful to him, reached out his hand, saying: -“Get in. We’ll go together, even though it’ll make us a bit slower.”

Nicky leapt in. The two happily embraced, but they hardly managed to do anything else. Their car thundered like a rocket, and made off at the speed of light! That race broke all known records, and during that season Nicky and his friend won every competition they entered, becoming the idols of all, spreading their friendship and good wishes to every corner of the world.

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