Period 50 – Teamwork

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Raindrop – Snowflake

Once upon a time there was a little drop of water who dreamed of becoming a snowflake and turning the landscape white. Years passed, and then there was a great drought which evaporated the little drop from the lake where he lived. When he reached the sky, he became part of a small cloud. As soon as the weather turned cold, the little drop looked for a nice bit of countryside where he could fall, and help cover the place in snow.

But only a little bit of snow fell, and as soon as it touched the ground, it melted. And there the little drop had to remain, waiting for the sun’s rays to shine again, and send him back up to the clouds. When the sun shone, the little drop ascended once more, turned to snow again, and down he fell. Again, just after landing, he melted.

This happened several times. Finally, the little drop went and joined a great big cloud, where millions of other drops had crowded together. Despite being gigantic, conditions in that cloud were rather uncomfortable. A few of the drops were ordering everyone else around, making them squash up together, amid a great racket.

”Biggest drops at the bottom! Smallest drops at the top! Come on, come on! There’s no time to waste…”

Our little drop wasn’t keen on all this, and he considered falling down to Earth again, but a nice, friendly drop next to him managed to talk him out of it.

”Where are you going?! You don’t want to take part?”

Seeing how surprised our little drop looked, the friendly drop explained they were preparing for a big snowfall.

”All of us here love being snow, and covering the land for days; that’s why we’ve all gathered together here. Years ago I would try doing it on my own, but I learned I couldn’t manage it without help. I found this nice cloud, where we all help each other a little. And thanks to our teamwork, we’ve made some of the best snowfalls ever!”

A little later, both drops were flying down through the sky as snowflakes, surrounded by millions and millions of other flakes, turning the green fields white.

And with great joy, our little drop realised that when everyone worked together they could achieve what had at first seemed impossible.

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