Ram Hare Sai Krishna Hare

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  • Ram Hare Sai Krishna Hare
  • Sarva Dharma Priya Sai Hare
  • Allah Eashwar Sai Hare
  • Guru Nanak Yeshu Buddha Hare
  • Zohrashtra Mahavira Sai Hare
  • Sarvadharma Priya Sai Hare

This is a SarvaDharma bhajan. We bow down to all names of one Lord Rama, Krishna, allah, Ishwara, GuruNanak, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Zorashtra and Mahavira. Our Lord Sathya Sai always stresses the unity of all Faiths. All Faiths and Religions are equally dear to our Lord Sai and He represents all religions.

Ram Lord Rama. It means ‘He who is pleasing’
Sai Refers to our beloved Lord Sai. It means ‘master’
Krishna Lord Krishna. The name ‘Krishna comes’ from the root word ‘Karsh’ which means to attract or draw towards as in ‘aakarshana’.
Sarvadharma Sarva – all; dharma – religion
Priya One who loves
Allah The name that Muslims use to refer to the formless God. Bhagawan says ‘A’ stands for ‘Atma’ or ‘The Eternal Soul’ and ‘la’ stands for ‘layam’ or ‘merging’
Eashwar Means ‘master’. Generally used for Lord Shiva.
Guru Nanak Guru Nanak, the first among the 10 Gurus responsible for founding the Sikh religion.
Yeshu Lord Jesus. Bhagawan says ‘Ye’ means ‘one’ and ‘su’ means ‘good’. Thus, ‘Yesu’ means, ‘There is only one good’, indicating the one God who is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.
Buddha Lord Buddha. Means ‘the enlightened one’
Zohrashtra Zoroaster, the Prophet of Iran, who formally spread the religion known as Zoroastrianism, one of the earliest revealed religions of the world. His name means ‘He of the Golden Light’
Mahavir Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism. His name can be split into ‘Maha’ meaning ‘great’ and ‘vira’ meaning ‘the brave one’
Baba Literally means ‘father’. It is used often for Bhagawan Baba.


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