Balvikas Guru Manual-Group-III

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Joythi adopted schools

1God & CreationOmkaram BinduThe truth about God
2CreatorHe’s got sun & moon
3God in the creationTrue piligrim
4Man & Naturesamudra vasaneEnvironment awareness
55 elementsstory on 5 elementsProject on 5 elements
6Discover yourselfGrass eating tiger
7Man is superiorRighteous actionItni sakhti hame dena daataGuess the animal
8PrayerTransformationE malik tere bande
9FaithThe RopeJab koi baat bhigad jaye
10KindnessThe kindly king
11FriendshipBeware of the company you keep
12CompassionAdi SankaraSurya Namaskar
13Politenesswords revealTwo little magic words
14Food & ThoughtGita slokaWe think what we eat
15EquanimityContentment and peaceHappiness is something if you give it away
16LovePower of Love
17Hurt neverThe green fluorescent insectna suun suun suun bura
18AngerThe hammer and the nailWhy this kolaveri
19Mother’s LoveMy Mom only had one eyePucho na kaisi hai meri maa
20Be PositiveBlack Spot
21Think PositiveFrog Race
23Gift from GodGod’s gift
24Polish Your skillsThe story of a woodcutter
25RelationshipsBuilding Bridges
26Parts of BodyThe most important part of body
27Struggles of LifeCoffee
28GoalsMeaningless GoalsYour goals
29Do we need GodGod we don’t need you anymore
30HappinessHow can we be happy
31HappinessThe secret of happiness
32SolutionThinking out of the box
33Sacrifice Sacrifice of parents
34Weakness or strengthWeakness or strength
35PrioritiesThe important things in lifeList your priorities
36DiscriminationMan riding on donkey
37Self confidenceDonkey in the well
38DoubtDo not doubt
39AngerWhy we shout in angerWhat should you do when you are angry
40ForgivenessGlass of waterChoodo kal ki baatein
41Friendship2 friends
42ChangeChange yourself and not the world
43You are specialPencil - Parable
44Sharing LoveThe most beautiful Heart
45Hard workThe Hidden Treasure
46Life is a mirrorReflections
47PeaceReal meaning of peace
48HonestyHonesty is the best policy
49SpeechGood tongue bad tongueBala kisi ka
50GratitudeThank you God
51Unity of Faithsom tat satsarva dharma bhajan / tu hindu banega na musalmanpost office game on religion