Period 12 – Compassion

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When Adi Shankara was on a pilgrimage, he came across a pond where fishes were struggling due to lack of water. He requested the villagers nearby, “Please give me some water. I want to pour it into the pond.” The villagers laughed. “ We are ourselves suffering due to scarcity of water, Swami. And you are asking us water for fishes in the pond! We get water for ourselves only at a place of 10 miles from here.” “Ok, is someone willing to guide me to the place that is 10 miles away?” asked Adi Shankara and taking a villager with him, brought water in his Kamandala and poured it into the pond. The fishes jumped and danced in joy. Immediately there was flashes of lightning and thunder followed by a heavy downpour of rain. Then Adi Shankara said to the people, “ You said you were suffering from water scarcity for 12 years but this is the secret of bringing in rain in just 1 second.”

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