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Being clean and tidy- clean means no dirt. Tidy means neat, everything in place. If you bathe you become clean.But if you do not comb your hair, would you look nice? No! You would be clean but not tidy. If you dress neatly and comb your hair then you are clean and tidy.

Everyone likes clean and tidy children. But this is not enough. You have to keep your things tidy. Then you do not have to search for things when you need them.

Royal Horse and his bath

Once upon a time, a king had a very fine horse that he loved dearly. The royal horse always took bath in a particular clean pond.

One Morning, a very dirty horse was given a bath in that pond. When soldiers brought the royal horse for a bath to the same pond, he refused to enter the pond. The soldiers tried to push the horse into the pond, but he pushed and kicked the soldiers. The soldiers returned to the castle and reported to the king that the horse has gone mad. So the king sent his wise minister to the pond to know why the horse was acting so strange. The Minister observed that the horse was trying to shut his nostrils. The Minister immediately realised why the horse was behaving odd, it could sense the pond was dirty. The minister ordered the soldiers to take the horse to a clean pond. At the clean pond, the royal horse took bath without any problem, splashing and enjoying in the water.

We should always keep our surroundings, body and mind clean. Being clean and tidy keeps you healthy.


मेरी बिल्ली, काली बिल्ली
पानी में गिर गयी
भीगी होके लग ी खांसने ( खो खो)
आछि ! आछि ! लग ी छींकने
मैं भी बोली उसको ठीक !
बिना रूमालके कभी न छींक !

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