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VALUE : FAITH (Story Of Jatila)
  • Once upon a time there was a small boy named Jatila who lived with his mother at the edge of a small forest.His mother was a poor lady who worked hard. Jatila had lost his father when he was very small.When Jatila was 6 years old, his mother decided to send him to an ashram school for his studies. To reach his school the boy had to cross the forest.
  • For a few days, mother went with him to show him the way. Then, as she had to go to work, she told him to go alone.
  • Early in the morning Jatila took his lunch packet and set out for school. At first he was happy as he walked along in the early morning fresh air. Watching the rabbits hopping about and listening to the sweet song of the birds he felt very happy.
  • But when he came to the forest he felt so alone. There were big trees around and here and there were dark shadows moving in the breeze. Jatila was frightened and ran as fast as he could. He did not stop at all till he reached the school. After school when he had to go through the forest again he was filled with fear. He raced through the forest till he reached the safety of his home and mother.
  • The next day Jatila refused to go school. “It is so lonely in the forest, mother. I cannot go alone. I wish you would take me to school. I cannot go alone.” Poor mother was worried. She had to go to work. How could she walk with him? “O God, please help me! I am alone, please look after my son.” She prayed. Then she told Jatila, “Son don’t be afraid. When you reach the forest call out to Madhusudhan who is your elder brother. He will surely walk with you to school.”
  • Jatila had full faith in his mother’s words. Next day when Jatila entered the forest he called out “Brother Madhusudhan, please come soon. I am frightened. Mother said you will come as soon as I call you. Please come soon.” In answer he heard the sweet notes of flute and soon saw a lovely, young curly-haired boy coming towards him. “I’m here brother!” The boy with the flute, smiled and hugged him. Jatila felt so happy and safe! Holding hands,chatting and laughing they both skipped along through the forest.
  • “There now go to school. In the evening call out for me and we will go back home together!” So saying brother Madhusudhan waved to him and walked away. When Madhusudhan was far away he once again turned back and waved to him. Jatila too waved back feeling so very happy.
  • Finally Madhusudhan disappeared!
  • Now Jatila was very happy to go to school. Many days passed. Every morning and evening Jatila would call out to Madhusudhan and together they would walk through the forest. One day his mother said,” Son, I’m so happy and proud of you. You are going to school alone, without fear!” “Mother, brother Madhusudhan is so kind. He plays the flute so well and tells me such nice stories I enjoy his songs too.So I love to go to school.”
  • Mother was puzzled. “Did you meet Madhusudan?” she asked. “Of course mother, he walks with me everyday. So why should I be afraid? Please give my tiffin box soon. Madhusudan will be waiting for me! I must hurry.”
  • After Jatila left, mother quietly followed him, down the road. Yes, she heard her son call out to Madhushudan.
    Yes she too heard the sweet notes of the flute, and saw the lovely curly-haired boy come out from behind the trees. Cheerfully he greeted Jatila and together they disappeared into the forest.
  • With tears in her eyes, mother hurried back to her shrine room and wept with joy, at the feet of her Lord.
  • This is the greatness of Lord. He always listens to the sincere prayers of HIS devotees and comes to their rescue.
Song :(Jingle bells tune)

“Krishna came”

  • Krishna came, Krishna came, Krishna Krishna came
  • With a flute in his hand, came to play a game (Krishna came…)
    Naughty cute Krishna, who is protector
  • All the houses he goes to steal some white butter.(Krishna came ….)
    Bells of cow that ring, lots of jingles bring
  • Make our spirit bright, all the day and night. (Krishna came ….)
  • If allowed “Aum Sri Sairam” or “Aum”
  • Krishna’s form as you described in the story.
Silent Sitting
  • Please God Become My Best Friend

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