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Do you like enjoy playing on the seashore, watching the rising and setting sun, moon, stars, flowers. Who these to us? God has given all this to us to enjoy and know that God is there.

Think of the animals you know – the clever cat, the tiny mouse, the cute puppy, the gentle cow, the furry grand lion, the funny monkey, the great eagle, the clever parrot and many lovely birds, the huge whale, fishes, the beautiful butterfly and so on. Do you know these animals can also feel like us but since they cannot they can’t express what they feel. So we should not hurt them.


“Have you seen a Honey Bee”

“Have you seen a Honey Bee
It is always so very busy
Buzzbuzz, humm,humm
Do you know where does a Honey bee go?
He goes to every flower and says Hello!
Buzz buzz ,humm, humm
Do you know what does a Honey bee do?
He kisses every flower and drinks sweet nectar
Buzz buzz, hum, humm
Do you know what a Honey bee will give
He kisses every flower and gives it a fruit
Buzz buzz, humm, humm

  • Draw a flower and colour it.
  • Thank you God for the Sun, Moon, Stars, Rivers, Mountains, trees, flowers, Animals, birds. I will always
    take care of them. I will not hurt them.

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