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How can you keep your home and school clean? Mosquitoes and disease-carrying insects breed in dirty water rubbish heap. So it is important to keep our homes and the places around them clean.

Monkey Manners

Anil went to a zoo with his parents. He enjoyed seeing all the big and small animals. He saw the squirrels,the majestic lion, the hissing snakes, the ducks in the pond, the different coloured fishes and so

He felt hungry after walking a such a long distance he asked his mother for something to eat. His gave him a banana. Anil loved bananas.

He was about to eat it when he saw a monkey looking at him. He gave his banana to the monkey another for himself

After eating the banana what did Anil do? He threw the peel of banana on the ground.

The monkey ate the banana and looked at Anil. It took its peel and threw it in the dustbin.

How ashamed Anil felt.

Even animals know how to keep clean. Cats dig holes, use them and then cover the holes by pushing mud in with their paws. Dogs and many other animals lick their babies and their own bodies. In they keep clean. We have many easier ways of keeping ourselves clean because we have hands.

Do not throw things out of a bus or car window. Sharpen pencils held over a waste paper basket. paper or rubbish only in dustbins. Never scribble or scratch on walls, desks or books. Put away your after playtime.

Revision of previous song

“Bits of paper”

Bits of paper, bits of paper (2)
Makes the place untidy (2)
Pick them up. (2)

  • Draw outline of two boys /girls and ask the children to make one as Mr/Ms Clean and another Ms Dirty
  • Ask the children whom do they like? Whom do they want to be like?

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