Period 36 – Contentment

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The Unsatisfied Rat

It was a very hot summer day and Billy rat felt very hot! ! He looked at the sun shining brightly and thought, “Oh! How I wish I could be the mighty sun.”

God in the heaven said, “So be it” and Billy turned into a Sun.

For many days he shone brightly until one day big thunderclouds came floating by. They hid the Sun Billy could not see anything. “The clouds are mightier than me, Oh! if only I were a cloud!” he thought moaned.

And Oh Billy turned into thundercloud and floated about with other clouds in the sky. One day, he bumped into a mountain And could not move further.

“So the mountain is mightier than me , he thought! How I wish I were a mountain!” Next moment he turned into a mighty mountain which stood tall and proud Suddenly he felt an itch on his toe. Looking down, he saw a little rat digging a hole at his feet!

Oh ! This rat is able to dig a hole in me. He surely must be the mightiest, thought Billy. He prayed to God, “Please God make me a rat again.”

The sun shone brightly in the sky; thunderclouds passed by and the mountains towered like giants all around but Billy did not complain anymore! He lived in his tiny hole happily.

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