Period 1 – Importance of Aum

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In the beginning there was only GOD. HE made a Sankalp, a resolve, “Ekoham Bahusyam” – I am One, let me be many. Instantly ‘Aum’, the original and primal sound emanated with the first creation.

  • Aumkaram Bindu Sanyuktam, Nityam Dhyayanthi Yoginah
  • Kaamadam Mokshadam Chaiva Omkaraya Namo Namah
Explanation of sloka

Once upon a time there lived a boy Jayadeva in a place called Krishnavarta. He was a very weak, feeble,sickly child. Since he was the only child of his father, the father did all his best to improve the health ofthe child but in vain. Due to his ill health the child could not progress even in his studies or other activities.Jayadeva now grew up and was ten years old. He started going to school, but remained absent for a long time due to some illness or the other.

One day, it was the full moon day and was the day of Guru Poornima. Jayadeva went to the river for a bath. There he saw a saintly person, sitting on the bank of the river. He was chanting AUM loudly. Jayadeva was attracted by the holiness of the man and went to him. Jayadeva asked him what he was chanting and what was the benefit of it. The saint replied that it was the Mantra Raja (the king of mantras) – Aumkar. It had many benefits when chanted. Jayadeva learnt the correct method of chanting AUM and began to chant it regularly. The result was that he soon began to recover his health as it helped to improve his respiration as well as circulation of blood. It gave Jayadeva steadiness of mind too. Soon Jayadeva could concentrate on his studies as well as sports. He became very healthy and clever boy. Now he completed his education and became a young man, yet he continued to chant AUM. His life was full of happiness and success.

Writing aum in 1 minute
  • Find aum and colour it.
Silent Sitting
  • Aum saranam, Aum Saranam, aum saranam

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