Period 7 – Man Is Superior To Beasts

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The cunning fox was angry at the exalted position of man in God’s creation. According to him, he was also intelligent and more contented than man. According to the fox, animals possess more nobler qualities than men. So he decided to consult all the animals and to seek their opinion and then come to a decision as to who is superior – man or the animals. When all animals had gathered, the elephant suggested that they should go to a great sage, who too lived in the forest, and ascertain his views. They all agreed, and went to see the sage.

The dog said, “I am the symbol of gratitude. I am grateful to man throughout my life. But man forgets the thousand services rendered to him and remembers the one wrong that his friend might have done. Sir, can you say that man is superior to beasts?”

Now it was the cow’s plea. “Man gives me little straw or grass but I give him nourishing milk. Sometimes he starves my baby and takes all the milk for himself and children. The moment I go dry, I am ill treated and ignored. When I become old, I am sold to a butcher. Tell me Sir, is man superior to beasts?”

Next it was the crow’s turn. “Even if I get a small crumb of bread I crow and call all my friends and share it with them but man hoards and hoards. He has forgotten sharing and caring. How can the selfish and greedy man be called superior?”

The fish whispered, “Oh! Sage, I cause no harm to man. I serve him by keeping the ponds, lakes tanksand rivers clean by eating away the dirt that is thrown in the water by him. But instead of protecting me, the foolish man catches me and kills and eats me. Do you regard man foolish or superior?”

The mule brayed, “I am the beast of burden. I am famous for the quality of patience. Without my service the people living in the hilly region would suffer. What is my reward, beating and more beating?”

Then the dog boasted about its wonderful sense of smell; the kite boasted about his wonderful sense of sight and the cat about its cleanliness and the wonderful sense of sight in darkness. The elephant spoke about his intelligence and utility. He asked the sage to enlighten all of them about the superiority of man.

The sage said, “Listen, my kinsmen of the jungle. All that you have said is true but man is endowed with the power of discrimination, which helps him to distinguish right from wrong, truth from untruth and good from evil. Man can control his senses and through intuition attain God. You animals are governed only by instinct.”

“But if man doesn’t behave as a human being should do?” asked the cunning fox.

The sage said, “If man doesn’t behave as he should do, he is worse than a beast. If he behaves as a human being should do, he is far superior to all else in creation.”

The animals went away satisfied.

Dear children everyday remind yourself “I am a human being. I am not an animal” as many times as you can. This awareness of your real nature alone will help you to become ideal children of our motherland.

Itani sakthi

Itani Shakti Hamen Dena Daataa, Manka Vishwas Kamjor Ho Na Hum Chale Nek Raste Pe Humse, Bhulke Bhi Koi Bhul Ho Na Dur Agnyaan Ke Ho Andhere Tu Hamen Gnyan Ki Roshani De Har Buraai Se Bachke Rahe Hum Jitani Bhi De, Bhali Zindagi De… Bair Ho Na Kisika Kisis Se Bhaavana Mann Me Badle Ki Ho Na Hum Chale Nek Raste Pe Humse Bhulke Bhi Koi Bhul Ho Na…..

Hum Na Sochen Hamen Kya Mila Hai Hum Ye Sochen Kiya Kya Hai Arpan Phool Khushiyon Ke Baaten Sabhi Ko Sab Ka Jivan Hi Ban Jaye Madhuban Apani Karuna ko Jab Tu Bahaa De Karde Paavan Har Ek Mann Ka Kona Hum Chale Nek Raste Pe Humse Bhulke Bhi Koi Bhul Ho Na…

  • describing about the animal and its quality without telling its name. Other children guess the animal.

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