Period 46 – Life is a mirror

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Once a man from mountainous part of Himachal Pradesh walked a long way to reach a sacred valley. His fellow villagers used to call it the Valley of Gods because of its heavenly beauty. They also believed that the God of the mountains lived there and talked to them.

On reaching his destination, the villager saw a breathtaking beautiful valley, surrounded by a semicircular range of hills, with stretches of grassy plains dotted with the most gorgeous mountain blooms.

He waited long for the God of the mountains to speak, but he was met by silence.

Becoming impatient, he shouted, “ Can’t you say something?”

The God of the mountains replied, “Can’t you say something?”

Getting angry he shouted even more, “ How rude of you to shout?”

The reply came again, louder too. “How rude of you to shout!”

The man got so angry that he yelled, “ I hate you.”

Pat came the response. “ I hate you.”

The man turned around and walked out of the valley, deciding never to return.

A few years later, a sage visited his village. He told the villagers that he was coming from the valley of Gods and that it was very sacred and peaceful place. The villager who had visited the valley got up and protested and spoke angrily about his experience. Hearing his story, the sage smiled and said, “Will you give me a chance to take you back there?” Hesitantly, and out of reverence, the man agreed.

After many days on foot, they reached the Valley of the Gods. The disappointed person, recalling the bitter experience of his previous visit told the sage, “I will not speak even a word to the God of the Mountains. You can talk to Him and be insulted as much as you please!” the sage smiled.

He then cupped his hands and loudly said, “Greetings to You.”

The God of the mountains replied at once, “Greetings to you!”

The sage then shouted, “I love you.”

The reply came back loud and clear, “I love you.”

The sage turned to his surprised companion and said “See! I was respectful and good to Him and He returned it with same goodness. Life is also like this If you spread love, kindness and cheer you receive the same. In return. If you have only hate, hurt and rudeness to offer to the world, again you receive the same. So if you want to be happy, give happiness to others.”

Many of us make the same mistake that the young villager did. When we have problems , we look inside ourselves. Instead we blame the world – our family, our friends, home , school, society and even things like traffic, weather and so on.

What we do not realize is life is like the mountain echo, it simply reflects what we give.

Remember World is the mirror of yourself.

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