Independence Day

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Independence Day

Tell them about our country and National flag & National Symbols. Colouring of Indian Flag.

Our National Symbols

The National Flag – a symbol of Free India is a horizontal tricolour of saffron, white and green.Saffron – courage, White – truth and Purity, Green – life, faith and Prosperity The wheel in its centre is a replica of the chakra , which appears on the Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath. It has 24 spokes – it represents continues motion and progress

The National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana was composed by Rabindranath Tagore

The National Song – Vande Mataram, composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterji

The National Motto – “Satyameva Jayate” means ‘Truth alone triumphs’

The National Symbol – The lions on the Ashoka Pillar – appears on all things connected with Government eg on all our currency notes

The National Animal – Tiger – symbol of power and speed

The National Bird – Peacock – beauty

The National Flower – Lotus – beauty,

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