Ganesh Chathurthi

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Ganesh Chathurthi

Ganesha & the Cat

Once Lord Bal Ganesh was playing with his mouse and other friends in Mount Kailash.While playing,the mouse went far from that place and there the mouse saw a CAT,and he was very afraid.And the cat also frightened the mouse very much,and the mouse came running to Lord Bal Ganesh andfriends and told them about the cat. Lord Ganesh got angry and wanted to see the cat and punish who have frightened the mouse. So all of them that is Lord Bal Ganesh and friends went to that place to see the cat.

When they reached, Lord Bal Ganesh diverted himself in tormenting the cat, pulling the cat’s tail and rolling him on the ground and hurt the cat. As we all know that children are able to injure animals but are not aware of what could have happened to them and so what Lord Bal Ganesh had done. Bal Ganesh even did not think about what he had done. Bal Ganesh had tortured the cat in every and all possible ways and hurt the cat.

After hurting and playing with that cat, Lord Ganesh and the mouse returned back to their palace. As Lord Ganesh was playing for a long time, Lord Bal Ganesh was very very hungry and rushed to his Mother, Goddess Parvati for asking Modak. Lord Bal Ganesh searched the palace in search of Mother Parvati and after searching the entire palace Bal Ganesh found Mother Goddess Parvati lying down in a room badly suffering, covered with wounds and dust and pain.

Lord Bal Ganesh asked Mother Parvati about what happened to her and who had done this to her.Who have that much guts to hurt Lord Ganesh’s Mother .And Lord Ganesh also asked the Mother to tell the name of that person and he (Lord Ganesh) will punish him so that he will not dare to do such acts ever after.

Then Mother Goddess Parvati replied to Bal Ganesh that He (Lord Ganesh) was responsible for this situation and he (Bal Ganesh) had only hurt Goddess Parvati . The little Bal Ganesh as surprised how HE (Lord Ganesh) had hurt his Mother . Bal Ganesh didn’t even think or could dream about hurting his Mother .

Mother Parvati told that, the cat which was tormented by Bal Ganesh and his friends was none other than her i.e.,Goddess Parvati and she (Goddess Parvati) knew what all they have done with the cat and you all have hurt the cat a lot and so I also got hurt. The cat was helpless, weak and afraid from your (Lord Ganesh’s) misbehavior.

Lord Ganesh told Mother that ,HE (Bal Ganesh) was not hurting the cat, HE (Bal Ganesh) was teaching the cat a lesson as the cat had frightened my(Ganesh) mouse.

Then Mother told that this not the right way to teach lesson to any one and that to if the creature is helpless and weak. In this Universe, in every creature God is there, I (Goddess Parvati) am there in every weak and helpless being and if any one is hurting them then he/she is hurting the god…………..hurting me.

Lord Bal Ganesh realized the mistake and asked Mother Parvati to forgive him and Bal Ganesh promised,not to hurt any small,weak and helpless creature instead he (Bal Ganesh) and all his friends will help those creatures and beings.

And by listening this Mother Goddess Parvati was very happy that her son, Bal Ganesh had learned a lesson from this situation and he (Bal Ganesh) will not do such mistake in his lifetime and after that Mother Parvati gave her sweet little son lots of Modaks and other sweets to eat.

So from this Story we knew how Lord Ganesh had hurt Mother Parvati unknowingly.

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