Period 14 – Healthy Living

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Does anyone like to be ill? A lot of illness and pain can be avoided if we practice a few simple things. Healthy living includes four main things – a clean body, good food, good habits, a clean mind

Game for clean body
Answer honestly Yes / No
  • Do you brush your teeth as soon as you wake up? Even before you drink anything?
  • Do you clean your ears and the back of your neck when you bathe every morning?
  • Look at your nails. Are they short and clean?
  • Do you wash your hands before each meal?
  • Look at yourself now? Are your uniforms and shoes clean?
  • Do you eat at least one fruit daily?
  • Do you eat some fresh vegetables every day?
  • Do you play outdoors for some time every day?
  • Do you spend some time at home with your school books every day?
  • Do you smile or laugh a lot?
  • Do you pray at least once a day?
  • Do you always try to speak truth?
Quiz on vegetables and fruits
  • Name a fruit that starts with A, red in colour & white inside – Apple
  • Name a long thin fruit that starts with B – Banana
  • Name a long thin vegetable that starts with C – Carrot
  • Name a vegetable that is green on the outside and white inside (used in salads) starts with C –cucumber
  • Name a sweet fruit that grows in bunches in vines. It starts with G – grapes
  • Name a sour yellow fruit that starts with L –lemon
  • Name a tiny ,round,green vegetable . it starts with P – peas
  • Name a vegetable that is brown outside and white inside. It grows underground and liked by children – Potato
  • Name a sweet red fruit. It starts with S – strawberry
  • Name a soft red fruit. It is used like a vegetable. It starts with T – tomato

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